What is Cydia extender?

There is no doubt that you are here to know what is Cydia extender and how we can use it? We are going to narrate every single thing that you should know briefly. It is being a few years that its developer publicized Cydia extender. And it too one of the highlighted topics in the world of jailbreak for the main reason that it offered by well-known jailbreak community leader Jay Freeman. There is nothing to clarify for those who captured every single thing of jailbreakers during the last couple of years. So this is for those who missed it. Here we go.

cydia extender

What is Cydia extender?

You may doubt, why such a tool came from Saurik could not list under popular jailbreak applications? According to reliable clarifications, Cydia Extender too released as a part of Cydia Impactor. So this will, support apps that did not come from the Apple App Store to auto resign. So you do not have to use a separate PC to enable them until Cydia extender works for you. And even apps will not put you in trouble because of sign-in requirements.

Cydia extender for 7-day app expiration

If you still could not get the specific reason behind such an offer, it is to make you easier behind apps that expire once a week. In such a situation, you have to enable such apps weekly and bring them to normal status. It was what Saurik too desired through such a tool.

But within a few days of the release, Jay Freeman said that it was a failure for it requires the user to have a pad Apple ID. Though Freeman needed to offer it for free Apple ID users, he could not realize that it became another help only for paid Apple ID users until the publication.

However, there is no doubt that it is not a completely failed utility for still there are users who wish to have such a feature to maintain app expirations without letting them disable at the end of the certificate.

Wrapping up

This would be a great chance if you are a developer. You can use this if you are a paid Apple member. Cydia Extender will help you to maintain the active status of your application. Though rumors said that Saurik will update it for free Apple ID holders as well, there is no reliable detail thus far. 

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