The Best Cydia Sources iOS 10

After iOS jailbreak, Cydia comes to the iPhone bringing all advanced downloads to the device. But without knowing what downloads to take, you will not feel the highest benefit of jailbreak and Cydia. So knowing you are interested to know, here I bring you the best Cydia sources iOS 10. Get the most required tweaks on iOS here with our guidelines.

Note: the sources here called Cydia repositories. So don’t get confused, both these come for the same purpose

What Cydia Sources iOS 10 to pick?

The Best Cydia Sources iOS 10

Ryan Petrich’s Source

If you are a fan of Activator, you must know Ryan Petrich’s source. The developer keeps updating the Cydia repo by adding valuable tweaks. So if you are enjoying jailbreak privileges, this is a must-have Cydia source.

Karen’s Pineapple Source

This is one of the best Cydia Sources iOS 10 and available for all jailbreak version from thereon. It takes many useful tweaks like LockPages, Forecast, Sandbox, Safari Saver, and more that you already in love with.

iCleaner Pro Cydia Source

All-time favorite iCleaner tweak comes in this Cydia repo making us all remember the name soon once we get it in the ears. And that is not all that the repo has, but it has a number of useful tweaks to make your jailbroken iPhone better in overall.

iMokhles Cydia Source

From iMokhles Cydia source you will not get a lot like other Cydia sources. But you must take a look at that to experience some interesting tweaks. It is a simple tweak that lets you receive amazing tweaks to download.

HASHBANG Cydia Source

The Cydia source HASHBANG is another option for interesting tweak updates. It takes useful downloads including MapsOpener, StoreAlert, and more. So why not giving it a try?

CP Digital Dark Room Source

Among the best Cydia sources to have, CP Digital Dark Room comes at top. In fact, the source is home a number of coolest Cydia apps and tweaks to try. And you will get both free and paid tweaks from the repo promising a great change on your iOS jailbroken device.

F.lux Official Source

The enhanced night shift version of Apple is coming in a Cydia tweak named F.lux. So if you love to enjoy the best customization on iOS after jailbreak, you must give a try to this F.lux Official Source.

After IOS jailbreak, you have a lot of things to do. So start with the best Cydia repositories and bring up the changes on the screen, status bar, apps, themes, and all in concerned the functioning.

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