How to remove Cydia iOS 9.3.3?

As we all know, we can use Pangu 9 to jailbreak any iDevice running iOS 9 to 9.3.3. Although it is being a few years, Pangu is a popular tool among many jailbreak users. You can download Cydia at the end of the Pangu jailbreak process. However, what will happen if you do not want to remain as a jailbroken user? So this is about how to remove Cydia iOS 9.3.3? If you realize that you need to remove each and every single thing on your device and that related to jailbreak, we call it unjailbreak. So this is how to get rid of everything.

cydia ios 9.3.3

Remove Cydia iOS 9.3.3

According to reliable reports, Cydia Impactor/ Eraser cannot support you to remove jailbreak from the device if you are with iOS 9.3.3. So you cannot go through that when you wish to escape from jailbreak status. Experts suggest restore the iPhone using iTunes is the best option. But, it will set you to the latest iOS version without any further condition. However, we are going to let you an important way to escape in such serious cases. Here we go.

How to?

Bring a USB or Lightning cable and connect the iDevice to the computer

Now, the device should set to Recovery Mode

And then open iTunes right away

When a text will popup, click OK and continue

And then select Restore > Restore and Update options orderly

The process of restore the iPhone or iPad will start

Do not try to unplug the device or operate it till the end

Welcome to your new iPhone notice will display at the end. So you can remove the handset from the computer and check it. Follow instructions on your device screen. Or you can simply get back the backup you made before jailbreak it

Note: There are some other third-party tools similar to Cydia Eraser that you can use to unjailbreak. But we do not want to recommend them separately for several reasons. If Cydia Eraser is there, you can easily and perfectly remove everything even without keeping a note that you were a jailbreak user. But unfortunately, we do not have it. IF you wish to remove jailbreak permission from any other version that compatible the Eraser tool, you are lucky enough. You can go to the Cydia app store and then simply switch your status. 

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