The Best Cydia Sources iOS 10

After iOS jailbreak, Cydia comes to the iPhone bringing all advanced downloads to the device. But without knowing what downloads to take, you will not feel the highest benefit of jailbreak and Cydia. So knowing you are interested to know, here I bring you the best Cydia sources iOS 10. Get the most required tweaks on iOS here with our guidelines.

Note: the sources here called Cydia repositories. So don’t get confused, both these come for the same purpose

What Cydia Sources iOS 10 to pick?

The Best Cydia Sources iOS 10

Ryan Petrich’s Source

If you are a fan of Activator, you must know Ryan Petrich’s source. The developer keeps updating the Cydia repo by adding valuable tweaks. So if you are enjoying jailbreak privileges, this is a must-have Cydia source.

Karen’s Pineapple Source

This is one of the best Cydia Sources iOS 10 and available for all jailbreak version from thereon. It takes many useful tweaks like LockPages, Forecast, Sandbox, Safari Saver, and more that you already in love with.

iCleaner Pro Cydia Source

All-time favorite iCleaner tweak comes in this Cydia repo making us all remember the name soon once we get it in the ears. And that is not all that the repo has, but it has a number of useful tweaks to make your jailbroken iPhone better in overall.

iMokhles Cydia Source

From iMokhles Cydia source you will not get a lot like other Cydia sources. But you must take a look at that to experience some interesting tweaks. It is a simple tweak that lets you receive amazing tweaks to download.

HASHBANG Cydia Source

The Cydia source HASHBANG is another option for interesting tweak updates. It takes useful downloads including MapsOpener, StoreAlert, and more. So why not giving it a try?

CP Digital Dark Room Source

Among the best Cydia sources to have, CP Digital Dark Room comes at top. In fact, the source is home a number of coolest Cydia apps and tweaks to try. And you will get both free and paid tweaks from the repo promising a great change on your iOS jailbroken device.

F.lux Official Source

The enhanced night shift version of Apple is coming in a Cydia tweak named F.lux. So if you love to enjoy the best customization on iOS after jailbreak, you must give a try to this F.lux Official Source.

After IOS jailbreak, you have a lot of things to do. So start with the best Cydia repositories and bring up the changes on the screen, status bar, apps, themes, and all in concerned the functioning.

iOS 9 emojis for Android no root

We all know that Apple iOS has more interesting emojis than the stock Android frame. And not only emojis, but there are also many things that keep the operating system higher than any other. It was iOS 9.0 in 2015 and that turned a new chapter of the OS with many highlighted offers. iOS 9.3 Emojis is one of those and that even made the chat interesting. However, we are going to talk about a couple of ways that you too can gain iOS 9 emojis for android no root. No need to worry about root permission for these is totally free from rooting. Here we go.

emojis for Android

iOS 9 emojis for Android no root

Even though some say that we cannot customize and enhance our device without root permission, do not forget that we have wide-range or Android developers around us. Of course, there are various apps but we should be smart and find out them carefully. If we pick up whatever feature, there are many alternatives that stands for. Likewise, we have many apps based on iOS emojis as follows.

SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji

This is one of the popular and great apps to enjoy with a heap of various emojis. You can use them on social media platforms and wherever. Suggest spellings, flow-typing, dictionary and many features are there that will impress you.


Facemoji is our next suggestion as one of the top rated emoji apps. It contains stickers, GIFs, emojis and many other stuff over 3500. And the themes section will suggest you interesting themes that you can use to customize your Smartphone.


Giphy is a popular app for its GIFs. And also, there are emojis that you will love to play and even stickers for you to chat with your friends interestingly. And the best thing is you can even create your own emojis as well.

Emoji Keyboard

So, Emoji Keyboard is the nest on our list. There is a long list of emojis that you can ever count from a single app. This too will let you use emojis on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and so on without any condition.

Go Keyboard

This is an advanced keyboard that you can easily set up on your device. The unique features of Go Keyboard made it an interesting app among those who are looking for emojis on their Android devices. It contains more than 1000 emojis in various categories for you to use during your chats and even on social media platforms.

What is Cydia extender?

There is no doubt that you are here to know what is Cydia extender and how we can use it? We are going to narrate every single thing that you should know briefly. It is being a few years that its developer publicized Cydia extender. And it too one of the highlighted topics in the world of jailbreak for the main reason that it offered by well-known jailbreak community leader Jay Freeman. There is nothing to clarify for those who captured every single thing of jailbreakers during the last couple of years. So this is for those who missed it. Here we go.

cydia extender

What is Cydia extender?

You may doubt, why such a tool came from Saurik could not list under popular jailbreak applications? According to reliable clarifications, Cydia Extender too released as a part of Cydia Impactor. So this will, support apps that did not come from the Apple App Store to auto resign. So you do not have to use a separate PC to enable them until Cydia extender works for you. And even apps will not put you in trouble because of sign-in requirements.

Cydia extender for 7-day app expiration

If you still could not get the specific reason behind such an offer, it is to make you easier behind apps that expire once a week. In such a situation, you have to enable such apps weekly and bring them to normal status. It was what Saurik too desired through such a tool.

But within a few days of the release, Jay Freeman said that it was a failure for it requires the user to have a pad Apple ID. Though Freeman needed to offer it for free Apple ID users, he could not realize that it became another help only for paid Apple ID users until the publication.

However, there is no doubt that it is not a completely failed utility for still there are users who wish to have such a feature to maintain app expirations without letting them disable at the end of the certificate.

Wrapping up

This would be a great chance if you are a developer. You can use this if you are a paid Apple member. Cydia Extender will help you to maintain the active status of your application. Though rumors said that Saurik will update it for free Apple ID holders as well, there is no reliable detail thus far. 

Best Cydia tweaks iOS 9.3.3

iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak released a couple of years back by well-known Pangu. There were both computer-based and direct Pangu app to jailbreak iOS 9.3.3. Those non-jailbreak users who remain with 9.3.3 can use Pangu tools and become jailbroken. We brought you a list of best Cydia tweaks iOS 9.3.3. there is no doubt that this will contain tweaks that you were looking for since far.

best cydia tweaks ios 9.3.3

The list of best Cydia tweaks iOS 9.3.3


Activator is our first jailbreak app suggestion. You can go through amazing gestures when you are with Activator. You can arrange those gestures to accomplish any task once you get to know them properly.

Auxo 3

Auxo 3 is a popular app among Cydia Tweaks since iOS 7.0. And now, it is with iOS 9.3.3 as well. The Control Center and App Switcher interfaces will be there at the same place. The unique and special “Kill all” feature will be there standing for all the apps there. There is an instant method to multitask and a function call Hot Corners that made it an outstanding application.

Apex 2

This is a great app that helps you to collect similar apps into a group. So you do not have to worry about having so many apps on your Home screen. Just arrange them into separate groups and keep your Home screen clean and tidy.


CallBar is our next suggestion and that too stands for a remarkable feature. Of course, it is about a bar that will display when you receive a call without bothering your current work. If you were playing a game or in a chat, the call will simply display on a bar to answer or to reject.


Animate app icons on the Home screen as well as one of the interesting apps for jailbreakers. If you are with a jailbroken device running iOS 9.3.3, try out the Barrel tool.

Eclipse 3

Nowadays we talk about dark mode on app interfaces as well. Behind them all, Eclipse 3 was a Cydia tweak that can bring into play dark mode for you. Using the tweak, you are capable to apply dark mode on whatever iOS app even the usual frame of the app does not let you.


Though we did not note iFile on the top of this list, this is another remarkable tweak that you must have as a jailbreak user. Just use it as a file browser which contains features like delete, modify or add files from your iDevice by going in. 

Jailbreak iPhone and download Cydia VPN

VPN is one of the significant methods that many people use for various reasons. Those who use this kind of tricks can hide their online activities and go through many interesting points. For the most part, they go through Virtual Private Network to enter restricted places. However, today we are going to bring a couple of Cydia VPN that you will surely love to go through. If you are a jailbroken user, then you are with the world’s popular and the largest app store call Cydia. Thus, how can we unconvinced that Cydia does not have VPN apps? Here we go.

cydia vpn

Cydia VPN for jailbreak users

First of all, make sure that your device is a jailbroken one. If not yet, check out which is the compatible jailbreak tool for your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Once go through a jailbreak tool, your device will be able to download Cydia. And then you are not that far from Cydia VPN. When you are with a VPN, there is no special way to track your online activations. Even it is Apple or your network provider, there is nothing that can do.

Of course, there are some third-party deals as well that you can use like Panda Helper, AppValley, Emus4U and more that you can find out VPN tools. However, some of Cydia VPN tools are free and some are paid.

Remember that use a VPN does not mean you privatized your performance. It also stands for a secure connection as well. So you can go through restricted app stores as well to download things that you are interested in without any barrier to your manufacturer.

What are the best Cydia VPN?

We brought you two popular Cydia VPN apps. They call Nord VPN and Pure VPN. Both are paid applications. So you have to choose a package and go through it. Though being premium packages, they offer the best always and there is no doubt that you will never encounter amazing deals like these once go through.

Important facts

First of all, we want you to know why we suggest you two paid options instead of free packages. As researchers say, free VPN apps are slow and fewer features when compared to paid ones. And there may be advertisements that bother you. If the free VPN app you picked up is an insecure one, it will keep a record of your logins and maybe they will be on some other one’s hand. 

How to fix Cydia Impactor error?

We brought you several solutions for Cydia impactor error. If you will face one of these during sideload an app using Cydia Impactor, find out the way out and resolve it right away. There are many errors. But let’s consider a few common issues.

cydia impactor error

Resolve Cydia impactor error

Provision.cpp:150 Error

This error will appear when you drop the IPA file on the interface of Cydia Impactor. It appears to remind that the password is incorrect or else the user should use an app-specific password to enter. To resolve this, go through the following steps accurately.

  • Go to using your computer
  • Enter your Apple ID logins
  • And then go through Security > Edit > App Specific Password > Generate Password options orderly
  • Enter a password and select Create option
  • Once the newly arrange password is there, you can use it to sideload the application

Provision.cpp:71 and 81 errors

This error will come into view if there is a struggle between certificates of iOS development. Follow these to escape from.

  • Launch Cydia Impactor on Windows, Linux or Mac
  • Select menu and go for XCode
  • Now select Revoke Certificates option
  • Enter your Apple ID details once it will ask
  • So the impactor application will connect to Apple
  • All certificates should revoke
  • Once this process will over, you can install the app that you tried previously using the IPA

Important: In addition to that, make sure that you have been installed the latest version of Cydia Impactor. In order to arrange a new developer certificate and a new signing profile, you should create a new Apple ID. Moreover, those who are with 2FA in their Apple identity have to arrange an app-specific password to go through the specific ID. And it would be better if you can select the Device menu of Cydia Impactor > Install Package > the IPA file orderly.


  • Extract the certain IPA file and then drop into Cydia Impactor
  • It is better if there is a VPN method that you can use during this operation
  • Jailbreak is our final solution for this issue. So you can install any app without worry about barriers

Provision.cpp:51 Error

This does not come into view because of any deeper reason. It says that your iOS version cannot use the IPA file that you suggested. Therefore, upgrade to the latest iOS version will help you to resolve it and even sideload the application without any issue. 

Best Cydia sources for iOS 13

We are going to unfold and interesting topic for our jailbreak readers. If your iDevice running iOS 13 and jailbroken, here is the best Cydia sources that you must follow. They offer you amazing and advanced jailbreak apps to customize the device and even enhance its possibilities. If you still could not jailbreak iOS 13, you have Checkra1n as the best ever release of jailbreakers that even supports all recommended 64-bit devices running iOS 13 – iOS 13.4.1. It is a semi-untethered tool.

The Checkm8 exploit that exposed a few months back is the exploit behind the Checkra1n project. It is the vast reason behind its compatibility on many iOS versions as a hardware based exploit. Our list of sources and repositories should never keep far when you turn into jailbroken as they are the trick behind powerful devices.

best cydia sources

How to add a repo on your device?

This is for both newbies and experts who forgotten how to arrange repos on their devices. Follow these few steps to add them accurately.

  • First of all, make sure that your device is jailbroken. If not, Jailbreak it using Checkra1n and keep on  
  • Launch the Cydia app with a tap on its icon on your Home screen
  • And then select Edit option from the top of the interface
  • Select Add option and continue
  • Copy and paste the certain URL of the Cydia source that you wish to add. You can find out the source you want from the list that we will unfold below
  • And finally, select Add Source option
  • The source that you suggested will be there as an added source. So you can find out tweaks that you wish to have on your device as new features

Best Cydia sources and repositories

Wrapping up

If you are with Sileo and wish to arrange Cydia features on it, yes you can for it is the only true alternative to Cydia. But jailbreak permission is the most significant thing. As Checkra1n supports up to iOS 13.4.1, you can bring Cydia on its compatible devices running 13.4.1 either. Although there are third-party apps similar to Cydia, you cannot use the above sources to bring tweaks. Moreover, if you are trying to jailbreak your iPhone, check its compatibility first. Note these too if you have a list with some other top Cydia sources on your list.

How to remove Cydia iOS 9.3.3?

As we all know, we can use Pangu 9 to jailbreak any iDevice running iOS 9 to 9.3.3. Although it is being a few years, Pangu is a popular tool among many jailbreak users. You can download Cydia at the end of the Pangu jailbreak process. However, what will happen if you do not want to remain as a jailbroken user? So this is about how to remove Cydia iOS 9.3.3? If you realize that you need to remove each and every single thing on your device and that related to jailbreak, we call it unjailbreak. So this is how to get rid of everything.

cydia ios 9.3.3

Remove Cydia iOS 9.3.3

According to reliable reports, Cydia Impactor/ Eraser cannot support you to remove jailbreak from the device if you are with iOS 9.3.3. So you cannot go through that when you wish to escape from jailbreak status. Experts suggest restore the iPhone using iTunes is the best option. But, it will set you to the latest iOS version without any further condition. However, we are going to let you an important way to escape in such serious cases. Here we go.

How to?

Bring a USB or Lightning cable and connect the iDevice to the computer

Now, the device should set to Recovery Mode

And then open iTunes right away

When a text will popup, click OK and continue

And then select Restore > Restore and Update options orderly

The process of restore the iPhone or iPad will start

Do not try to unplug the device or operate it till the end

Welcome to your new iPhone notice will display at the end. So you can remove the handset from the computer and check it. Follow instructions on your device screen. Or you can simply get back the backup you made before jailbreak it

Note: There are some other third-party tools similar to Cydia Eraser that you can use to unjailbreak. But we do not want to recommend them separately for several reasons. If Cydia Eraser is there, you can easily and perfectly remove everything even without keeping a note that you were a jailbreak user. But unfortunately, we do not have it. IF you wish to remove jailbreak permission from any other version that compatible the Eraser tool, you are lucky enough. You can go to the Cydia app store and then simply switch your status. 

How to get Instagram followers Cydia?

We are glad to remind you that Instagram became one of the accepted social media platforms within a few weeks of its release. It can be introduced as another proud member of the Facebook family which led the community as an entertaining app. However, Instagram is a photos and videos based platform where we all can share our memories. Because of the attractiveness, it also uses as a platform where perfect for promotions or increases the fan base. So, today we consider if there is any Cydia Tweak that supports increase our Instagram followers. Pretend that you surround by a huge fan base as well is one of the significant requirements on social media. So, let’s see how Cydia can help you at this point.

instagram followers cydia

Instagram followers Cydia

There is no doubt that Cydia has a vast collection of Tweaks, themes and everything we wish to apply o0n our iDevices. So, at this time, it is about increase followers on Instagram. While I am writing this, it seems developers still work hard to offer such a tweak and it yet to become true. There are many other tweaks that you can encounter to enhance your accounts such as Rocket for Instagram, Instagram Down Image, ChromaGram and InstagramUnleashedXI. But not any of these can support you to boost your followers. But of course, you can go through each of them for some other interesting features.

If you really care for more followers, we suggest the best method is going through Instagram advertising. We cannot recommend those suggestions on the web to boost your followers for there is no single evidence to prove them. But do not fall apart. You have some other apps that will support you for some other feature enhancements. But we hope there will be a new release as soon as possible to fulfill the demand to increase followers Cydia. Stay tuned for such a grand release for we will let you know as soon as possible.

instagram followers cydia

Wrapping up

By the way, when you become a jailbreak user, there are tons of amazing deals with Cydia that you can download and bring into play. But sometimes there may be some gaps that you should stay patiently. So just keep it there for a while until developers will let you know that they got a perfect product for you to turn everything amazing with thousands of followers. Stay tuned.

How to Download an MP3 From Cydia?

It is Cydia as your dedicated supporter for whatever you wish with a few clicks. It may be about an app, tweak or enhance a certain part of the device. You can simply launch the app store and search through respective repositories. And now, we are going to talk about download an MP3 from Cydia. Since the formal Apple operating system has serious conditions, this is interesting navigation for those who have Cydia behind jailbreak permission. So then, you do not need to worry about any other method. Here is how and from where you can begin.

mp3 download

Download an MP3 from Cydia

This is just a common step guide that may change according to the music downloading app that you will install on your iDevice. So you can just go through to get an idea.

Go to Cydia app and launch it right away

As often, you have to search for a related app from its app store. There are popular music download applications such as EZ-MP3 Player, MusicDog and iTunes

You can search for any of them and arrange it on your iPhone or iPad

In accordance with each app, you will have to follow their steps to properly download whatever music track you desire

Download an MP3 without Cydia

If you are not a jailbreak user, then you may wish to know if you can download an MP3 without Cydia. When you need songs, you have to make sure what kind of music you wish to download for it depends on your choice. For the most part, using the browser while syncing it to iTunes will help you to bring tracks you love on your iDevice once syncs the device there right away. In addition, you can arrange a playlist. And then sync the playlist whenever you want to listen.

Wrapping up

By the way, though you an Apple user, we know that there are many songs that you wish to collect on your device. Being an iOS user does not means you do not have beloved music tracks. Of course, you must have all of them on your device and enjoy them. So when you are with Cydia, it is easier and there is no doubt. You can arrange an app that will support you to download MP3 type tracks on your iPhone or iPad. You can try out apps that we suggest or else any other if you already know a perfect one.