New Cydia tweaks for more customizations

Here we brought you a heap of new tweaks to customize your beloved iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Once you become jailbroken, you are accessible whatsoever demanding feature to your iDevice. Though there are some further New Cydia tweaks, we brought just several that will surely interest. Here we go.

new cydia tweaks

New Cydia tweaks for iOS 11.3.1

  • Apple File Conduit “2” (arm64/KPPLess)

This is an enhanced edition of the previous APC2 which supports iOS 7 to iOS 11

  • CCTimeX

This tweak can support you to check out the date on Control Center when you are with an iPhone X

  • BetterWhatsApp

Simply customize the Whatsapp application for a better support

  • Classic Dock for iPhone X

Those who desire to change the iPhone X dock in accordance with iPhone 6 and so on can set up this

  • confirmToLINE

Just before you drop a message to someone, this will pop up a text to make sure whether you are going to send it to the correct contact

  • Confidential & Proprietary

The Lock screen will display “Confidential & Proprietary” to make it safer

  • FastFowardTime

An indicator for seconds will arrange there to the Lock screen once set up FastFowardTime tweak

  • Dark Messenger

This will add a complete dark theme on your FB messenger application

  • FreeRAMUnderTimeX

To simply get to know the free space of your RAM, you can request FreeRAMUnderTimeX. So it will display on your iPhone X’s Status bar

  • LowPowerDND

Though you put forward Do not disturb feature, it will enable Low Power Mode

  • Local SSH

It will let the SSH to localhost in iOS 11.0

  • NotePad

This will instantly open Notes on your Lock Screen

  • SelectMoji

You can manually remove your favorite Emoji for the stock keyboard

  • Pixel BG

Pixel BG has been created to arrange the Google Pixel background for your iPhone

  • Shutter

The Camera app will have a bevy of new settings on your iPhone

  • SpinXI

This will provide you rounded Music controls to the Lock screen and any other place as you wish

  • SizeFinder

SizeFinder will replace the X key in wiggle mode using size indicators of the application

  • StatusTint

Those who want to customize the status bar color can use StatusTint for further uses

  • Swipe2Hide

Throughout, you are capable to swipe the Status bar and the Dock as well to simply hide each

  • SquareCode

Corner Radii of Passcode buttons can simply adjust using SquareCode

  • TapSpotlight

The Spotlight search of the iPhone X can access using two clicks on the Home Bar once install Tap Spotlight

  • TwitterCustomiserPro

This is not just a single tweak since it contains a slew of customizations to apply on your formal Twitter app

  • ThunderVipHelper

The download performance that you want to optimize of the Thunder app is not far when you have ThunderVipHelper

new cydia tweaks


New Cydia tweaks for iOS 12

Once we will be able to turn to the jailbreak capability of iOS 12.0, there is no doubt that you desire to get tweaks and everything right away. But at this instant, we cannot point the path for any reason while we do not have any reliable specific to deal confidently. So Stay tuned for further.

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