iPhone 11 Jailbreak looks possible!

Introducing new colors, dual-lens camera, improved durability, and so much more, iPhone 11 has finally come into the hand of the public. While many are happy with all what it brings upon, we find some hunting through iPhone 11 jailbreak updates. And luckily, that idea would not take too long to work as we are already into a new demonstration by @iBSparkes. To look everything so far, read on the complete note.

iPhone 11 jailbreak

About iPhone 11

Just as to the plan, Apple has unveiled the big iPhone 11 on 10th September at the recently held Apple event. The concept of iPhone 11 includes so much than we ever expected. It brings new colors to the iPhone lineup featuring the fastest A13 chip. And here iPhone 11 brings dual-lens camera together with so many camera updates. For more, it comes with 6.1” Liquid Retina Display, improved water and dust resistance, hardest glass ever, new Night mode, and so much of updates just for a starting price of $699. Together with new iPhone 11, you will see iPhone 11 Pro and Max with even more updates and features respectively pricing as $999 and $1099.

iPhone 11 Jailbreak demoed by the developer @iBSparkes

The Developer @iBSparkes is not a strange name in the jailbreak community who has contributed for iOS jailbreak in a number of ways. And here for jailbreak iPhone 11, he has given his word out proving the possibility to deploy tfp0 exploit on new A13-equipped handset. iBSparkes has revealed his work on twitter taking only a few minutes from the iPhone hands-on. In fact, this is exactly 3 minutes from the new iPhone 11 delivery. The interesting part of his work here is, tfp0 exploit is something older from him which we found at the times iOS 13 beta 1 launched. So it is clear that tfp0 exploit works on Apple’s older iPhones as well as the latest iPhone 11.

What’s More?

It is good to know tfp0 exploit still unpatched from iOS 13 beta times to final iOS 13 release. This could be changed with iOS 13.1 next in the lineup of iOS releases. However, we have already proven the jailbreak possibilities up to iOS 13 on the latest iPhone 11. But the release of a new jailbreak tool would depend on iBSparkes plan on the exploit release. In case if he has done all these in the testing purpose, it would probably take more time for an update.

Final words

We are still uncertain about the outcome of all these testing and demonstrations. But with what the developer @iBSparkes came recently, we have more light towards the future iOS jailbreaking. So let us take some more wait and see what iPhone 11 jailbreak would bring over.

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