iOS 13.2 jailbreak for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

We are glad to bring you another release of Apple as iOS 13.2. So this became the most recent arrangement to the array that we are capable to count on our recommended iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Moreover, this is the fifth version of the chain that started from iOS 13 in September this year. For 13.2 is just a beta version that started its journey with the first beta a few days ago, we cannot guide you to install it on your iDevice as it should sharp further. However, this is not about its official details as you can collect them from many sources but not about iOS 13.2 jailbreak. If you are a jailbreaker, this is for your attention.

ios 13.2 jailbreak

iOS 13.2 jailbreak for iPhone and iPad

Before anything else, we would like to remind you that 13.2 is a beta version released a few days ago. In such a situation, hackers never post jailbreak tools for those versions in its beta season. Therefore, we do not have jailbreak iOS 13.2 at this instant. As we considered there is no considerable clue either to make sure if hackers capable to let us download Cydia for iOS 13.2.

Though there is no single detail that directly highlights 13.2, we want you to remember that we went through an exploit of Aix0mX namely Checkm8 a few weeks ago. As it was an exploit taken from A-series chipsets of the device, the software update cannot patch it as hackers and experts confirmed. Devices with A5 to A11 are the ones that pointed for the particular method.

iOS 13.2 jailbreak with Cydia

Of course, there is no doubt about download Cydia through future jailbreak releases as well and even with 13.2 if there will be a jailbreak tool as predicted. Since we do not know if there is a proper method of jailbreaking behind 13.2, we cannot say when and how it will happen at least as a prediction.

ios 13.2 jailbreak

Wrapping up

If you decided to upgrade to iOS 13.2, remember that it is just a beta version and even an empty version that does not have a jailbreak tool. It is better upgrading if you agree with those conditions. In my opinion, jailbreakers must avoid the entire iOS 13 for it seems far from jailbreaking though they have exploits that possible to apply. Use Chimera and Unc0ver while remaining with iOS 12.4 and prior. Stay tuned for further.

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