Download iOS 11 is about to release

Download iOS 11

As all the application developer predicted the next generation of Apple mobile system sequence iOS 11 may become a historic mobile operating system. There are a bunch of features come with this operating system such as new Doc line on the bottom line, enhanced multitasking, Drag and Drop, quick type keyboard, one handed keyboard, and more others. Though there are a lot of features the KeenLab developers took an action to jailbreak the beta versions of this operating system to Cydia download iOS 11. This mobile operating system has a number of security updates. That is why the protection of this mobile operating system is higher than ever. So those who need a tough security of all the personal data can use this OS for a better protection. According to trusted sources, this version of the mobile operating system will be released with Apple iPhone 8 in 2017.

Features coming with Download iOS 11

  • Expanded compatible services to Box and Dropbox instead of iTunes and iCloud.
  • Added a new Docs icon to the bottom line in all the iPads.
  • Ability to switch apps instantly and a possibility to change needed apps.
  • Enhanced multitasking facility than ever before and this can use as side by side at the same time.
  • Drag and drop feature introduced and able to use drop any text, image, and file to any place you need.
  • Apple pencil will be introduced for Markup, Add Notes, Inline Drawing, Scan and Sign anywhere you need.
  • Quick type and Single hand keyboards are coming for your comfort.
  • Enhanced Argumented Reality (AR) comes for a better visual experience.
  • This iOS can be learned from you from all the taps.
  • You can use the Apple Pay from message application.
  • Enhanced live photo feature than ever.
  • Added more Professional-quality filters to the camera app.
  • The App Store has redesigned for a comfortable experience.
  • You can share messages by swiping across the app drawer.
  • Siri added more natural sound and enhanced the intelligence naturally and added the language translate feature.
  • Apple music can discover all the latest songs even from your friends.
  • Added ability to control your home audio system and also the speakers as well.
  • iOS 11 allows you to customize the control center according to your wish.
  • You can see all notifications including all the missed ones on the lock screen.
  • This iOS version has a sensor to detect if you are driving so that it stops showing notifications until you stop the vehicle.
  • Maps increased to find all the places indoor and outdoor.
  • If you need to transfer data among two iDevices iOS 11 can detect other iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch automatically and allows to transfer them among both devices.
  • An app locker comes as an inbuilt program so you need not download Cydia app store by jailbreaking the device to download a perfect application locker software.

How to upgrade to iOS 11

There are two methods to download this mobile operating system on our Apple mobile device as using iTunes and Over The Air method. If you need to jailbreak the apple device in the future you have to use iTunes application on any Mac, Windows, and Linux personal computer. If you already use the OTA way to upgrade iOS you have to restore again the operating system using iTunes.

OTA method.

    • Take a perfect backup of all the personal data.
    • Go to >> Settings >> General >> Sofware Update on your iDevice.
    • The system will check for a possible update and it will display you Download iOS 11 as the next update.
    • Then tap on “Download and Install” button.
    • After that, it may display you a passcode entering pane. Enter the passcode of the iDevice to continue.
    • Agree to terms and conditions in the next window.
    • Your device will reboot automatically and once start the iDevice it may have upgraded to the latest iOS.

Use iTunes for Upgrade

    • Install the latest version of iTunes on your Mac, Linux, or Windows personal computer.
    • Connect the device using a recommended lightning cable to the computer.
    • Open iTunes application and open your device inside.
    • Click on “Summary” and click on “Check for Updates”.
    • Then click “Download and Update” button.
    • If it asked the passcode of the device enter required passcode.
    • After that, your device may reboot automatically and it will start with updated iOS 11.

If you are looking for iOS 11 to experience all these latest features the iOS is on the way to your hand at this moment. This will be implemented in a soon date in the near future. You can use all the features that mentioned here once you download iOS 11 on your iDevice as well.

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