iOS 11 Download with Amazing New Features

iOS 11 Download

For the first time in the mobile OS history, the Apple Inc engaged with another major release with a bunch of features on iOS 11 download. With this in mind let’s take a look at the recent release of Apple iOS. There are more than thirteen latest added facilities come with the iOS 11th version what needed to jailbreak before. Proceed to recount feasibilities of upgraded areas, it mainly directed us to the latest security features at the beginning. Moreover, the tough security always lead to the protection of all the end users plus barring the hacking. Therefore, all the Apple mobile end users taking shelter automatically with the latest iOS 11 download. When considering the other areas it displays a large number of sizeable upgraded features dedicatory the stableness of latest OS version.

iOS 11 Download Features at a glance

There are a number of features coming with the iOS 11 what unable to find from the previous versions. Considering the latest facilities it shown as the following list.

  • Customizing the Control center and the Notification center.
  • Pinning significant notes accordance of users’ need.
  • On device screen recording as an inbuilt application.
  • Cellular data and Low power mode control center clearance.
  • Scanning QR codes using the Camera app.
  • Translation of languages using the Siri.
  • Moving several home screen icons at the same time together.
  • One handed keyboard for both left and right sides.
  • Ability to view animated GIFs in the Photos app.
  • Customizing Air-Pods gesticulations.
  • System wide dark mode enables and HUD volume control essentially subtle.

Updated areas

The latest version of Apple mobile OS updated a range of previously added feasibilities. Improvements to Siri, Message app, Camera app, Keyboard, and more other fields have been updated. The security of this iOS edition has acquired a particular space in the recent update. Therefore, no any third-party person unable to grab any file or other data what stored inside the latest iDevices. Creating a relevant jailbreak solution makes hard due to these upgrades. Amendments of iCloud grant a very special protection for all the Apple device end users. Moreover, the App Store, Maps, Siri, News, Mail applications have been updated for a better experience of every iDevice user. Management of Storage will add another facility and will make easier than ever. There are more upgrades inside the Accessibility capabilities. With these upgrades and other extra additions, the iOS 11 download makes you a super user than ever.

How to Download iOS 11 on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

There are two methods to update your current operating system to the latest one. The first way is using the OTA (Over The Air) method and the second is the recommended one that using iTunes application. We have mentioned both of these ways to download iOS 11 on your iDevice in an easy way.

Download iOS 11

Use the OTA

This method is the easiest path to install the recent iOS 11th edition on your iDevice. There are no another peripheral needs to download the operating system on the Apple handset. Just connect to a stable wifi connection and engage with the upgrading manner on your device. Follow the following steps to make this happen.

  • Take a complete backup of all the data using iCloud or iTunes application.
  • Connect the device to an established internet connection over WiFi.
  • Go to >> Settings >> General >> Sofwatware update.
  • Then the system will check for updates automatically.
  • After displays the latest downloadable OS version as the iOS 11th tap on “Download and Install” button.
  • Then it will appear an “Agree” button, tapping this button will reboot the smart mobile device.
  • Once started the iDevice the OS may in upgraded condition with the iOS 11.

iTunes related mechanism

This is the best and the recommended method to update any Apple mobile OS to the next version. If you are willing to jailbreak the smart device you have to use this way otherwise, it may not compatible with your iDevice. You have to gather some necessities to admit with this procedure. Install the latest version of iTunes application on your Mac, Windows or Linux personal computer. Compile a recommended lightning cable and connect the PC to an internet connection.

  • Connect the Apple device to the computer and take a complete backup using iTunes app or iCloud server.
  • After opening the iTunes application on the computer click on the device icon.
  • Go to >> Summary >> Check for updates.
  • Then the application will display the latest iOS version.
  • After that, click on “Download and Update” button to continue.
  • It will ask for the passcode and then the device will reboot.
  • After rebooting the operating system may have updated to the final released iOS 11th version.


The iOS 11 is the only operating system what already released with a great features sequence. That is why you will not have to engage with a jailbreak anymore. The drag and drop any thing from anywhere is an added advantage of this OS version. The majority of people trying to use an iDevice for their personal protection of data and important details. Those who need more security on their mobile this is the best chance to combine with an enormous and excellent security what unable to victimisation by any hacker. That is why we recommend you to download iOS 11 on your device to make the device more efficient.

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