How to Jailbreak iOS 13 with Checkra1n tool?

There were so many stories about the release of checkra1n in the public bringing jailbreak for iOS 13. And by now, half of the expectations have come true with the release of a beta checkra1n tool version supporting jailbreak iOS 13. Although in beta, this works best on the applicable devices. So if you like to give a smart try, here you are the way for it.

Jailbreak iOS 13

Quick facts about Checkra1n jailbreak

Based on checkm8 bootrom exploit

Comes as a semi-tethered jailbreak

Allowed free download Checkra1n

Supports A5-A11 devices as iPhone 5s to iPhone X (not supported to 5th Generation iPad, iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro)

The tool appears as a Mac-only tool at the moment

Support from iOS 12.3 and upper

Still in beta version and advised to run on a secondary device

How to jailbreak iOS 13 with Checkra1n tool?

Step 1: Use the MFi-certified lightning cable to make the connection between the device and the Mac computer

Step 2: Download checkra1n jailbreak free on the computer (strictly advised to follow the official site)

Step 3: When you are done with the complete file download, double click the .dmg file and start on. Then drag the checkra1n app to the Applications folder of Mac

Step 4: Open the Application folder

Step 5: Right-click on the checkra1n file and select “show package contents”

Step 6: Go with Checkra1n > Contents > Mac OS and select checkra1n-gui file (double-click)

Step 7: When you are launched to the program you can confirm the device connection

Step 8: If you are successfully connected, continue with the “Start” option and see the progress

Step 9: When it starts with the process, you will be asked to enter DFU mode. So continue with “Next” and follow the on-screen instructions to get into DFU mode

Step 10: If done it will start jailbreak iOS 13

In the end, you can install Cydia. But different from the other jailbreak tools, you here should launch checkra1n loader app and install Cydia free on the device.

This is all that you need doing with Checkra1n jailbreak iOS 13. So if you are interested and confidence in the flow, you may give a try accordingly the instructions. But use a secondary device to run the tool as it could cause several glitches while processing. And follow the official site to get the download by checking for the latest available option.

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