How to fix Cydia Impactor error?

We brought you several solutions for Cydia impactor error. If you will face one of these during sideload an app using Cydia Impactor, find out the way out and resolve it right away. There are many errors. But let’s consider a few common issues.

cydia impactor error

Resolve Cydia impactor error

Provision.cpp:150 Error

This error will appear when you drop the IPA file on the interface of Cydia Impactor. It appears to remind that the password is incorrect or else the user should use an app-specific password to enter. To resolve this, go through the following steps accurately.

  • Go to using your computer
  • Enter your Apple ID logins
  • And then go through Security > Edit > App Specific Password > Generate Password options orderly
  • Enter a password and select Create option
  • Once the newly arrange password is there, you can use it to sideload the application

Provision.cpp:71 and 81 errors

This error will come into view if there is a struggle between certificates of iOS development. Follow these to escape from.

  • Launch Cydia Impactor on Windows, Linux or Mac
  • Select menu and go for XCode
  • Now select Revoke Certificates option
  • Enter your Apple ID details once it will ask
  • So the impactor application will connect to Apple
  • All certificates should revoke
  • Once this process will over, you can install the app that you tried previously using the IPA

Important: In addition to that, make sure that you have been installed the latest version of Cydia Impactor. In order to arrange a new developer certificate and a new signing profile, you should create a new Apple ID. Moreover, those who are with 2FA in their Apple identity have to arrange an app-specific password to go through the specific ID. And it would be better if you can select the Device menu of Cydia Impactor > Install Package > the IPA file orderly.


  • Extract the certain IPA file and then drop into Cydia Impactor
  • It is better if there is a VPN method that you can use during this operation
  • Jailbreak is our final solution for this issue. So you can install any app without worry about barriers

Provision.cpp:51 Error

This does not come into view because of any deeper reason. It says that your iOS version cannot use the IPA file that you suggested. Therefore, upgrade to the latest iOS version will help you to resolve it and even sideload the application without any issue. 

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