Cydia install iOS 11 – Best tweaks of the week

It seems we ought not to remain further having a great weight for resources state that jailbreakers in force to break the silence once more. Though there is no a proper jailbreak for Cydia install iOS 11 yet, there you can meet amazing tweaks without any complicated. But do not get too much excited. This is not about any third-party suggestion or else phony direction. Once you put your finger behind its all new features, you will recognize the truth.

Although jailbreak iOS 11 has more to go, those fascinated features you gain being through jailbreak-only status is now existed without. But in this guide, we brought things for those dedicated users who brave enough to hang around old iOS versions up to a free of error announcement. Thus, keep company with these and enjoy this weekend. Here we go. Check whether there is any feature you remained for since long.

cydia install ios 11

Best tweaks of the week while waiting for Cydia install iOS 11

Here is the list we took a few from recent tweak updates. This would be great to grab those escaped and missed features on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad once more.


This is just $1.50 which is a great update for those who anxious regarding notification management. Though there were some apps in early stages, not any single updated to iOS 10.0. However, this will let you arrange notes in order to specific apps on your Lock Screen simply.


This is a kind of a limitation. It will add on your screenshot limitation and will bound Lock Screen screenshots.

Bio Locker

cydia install ios 11

Bio Locker just comes for $1.99. If you are truly caring about your privacy, this would be a great destination. It contains significant features and that proficient work over app launching via Touch ID, App switcher access, custom notifications and open folders.


Backspace is a free app from Cydia tweaks. This comes with a simple feature letting you escape from backspace mistakes throughout allowing one-character backspace.


Want to supplement the capacity of frequent Phone application? Install CallPlus for $1.50.


cydia install ios 11

This is a kind of a tracker which will certainly let you know everything that you used throughout your audio players. It comes just for $3.0. if you already have a collection of music players, this would be good to keep records.

DockXI for iOS10

DockXI for iOS10 is an app that let you modify corners of the Dock. It will turn into a rounded shape with this free setup.


cydia install ios 11

This tweak is simple but let you apply an old feature once more on your iDevice. If you worried for the escaped “Slide To Unlock” feature, install this right now.

Will Cydia install iOS 11 bring up during HITBGSEC?

There are just a few more days ahead to commence one of leading conferences known as HITBGSEC. A couple of months back Adam Donenfold state that hackers will turn this occasion to recover missed iOS jailbreak deals. As they noted, it was 10.3.2 which also has a highlighted vulnerability from Ian Beer. Thus, it seems 10.3.2 is not that significant for the reason that jailbreakers clue exist vulnerability proficient to access Cydia. And now, it seems they better cover iOS 11 and that become a major conception in the near future. Though it is uncertain will they unwrap vulnerabilities during the testing session of iOS 11? In case there will be a demonstration, it is a risk whether it will proficient in future. However, it is up to you count on HITBGSEC whether they will put a flea in the ear. As Donenfold promised, this will be a grand occasion for jailbreakers somehow.


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