Cydia for iOS 9.2 using Pangu

There are many to consider about Cydia no matter how often we share posts about. Today it is for those who are with iOS 9.2. Even though it is been a few years and now we are with iOS 13.0, the truth is still there are many users with older versions as well for some reasons. So, because we have Cydia for iOS 9.2, you are no longer stuck with older features. Of course, you can bring amazing iOS 13 related features as well on your iDevice, if you are jailbroken. So here is everything about iOS 9.2 jailbreak.

cydia ios 9.2

Cydia for iOS 9.2 with Pangu

If we go through such older iOS versions and consider jailbreakers, we can find out well-known jailbreak teams like Pangu, Taig, Evasi0n and so on. If it is about iOS 9.0, Pangu was the magical supporter behind. It is Pangu 9 for all jailbroken iOS 9 to iOS 9.3.3 versions. There were both Safari based application and a desktop-based one. So you can download whatever of those for free on respective platforms and jailbreak iOS 9.2 for Cydia. And we are glad to remember that it was an untethered jailbreak tool that users do not have to bother even the device will reboot.

How to download Cydia for iOS 9.2?

Download Cydia for iOS 9.2 was not complicated at that time for maybe because of the techniques that hackers used. However, once you jailbreak the device which compatible with iOS 9.2 and became jailbroken, Cydia will stand there for you. You do not have to go through a separate procedure. Though it was in 2015, you can apply the tool if your device already between iOS 9 and iOS 9.3.3. It is the official website of Pangu that you can safely download the tool. And remember to bring the last update for it is the perfect version that can safely set you through jailbreak.

Wrapping up

By the way, as a jailbreaker, you have to make sure wish is the iOS version that you currently play. And then, it is important to get to know the particular version has a jailbreak tool that you can use to download Cydia. Thanks to team Pangu, those who are with iOS 9 can go through their tools and easily reach Cydia tweaks and all you wish as a jailbroken user. So do not delay any more. Try out Pangu on your iOS 9.2 iPhone or iPad.

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