Cydia app installer with new jailbreak tweaks

We are glad to bring you another interesting narration about tweaks that you can enjoy on your jailbroken iDevice. Having Cydia on an iPhone or iPad means you can archive more and more than the odd operating system offers you. So this is about such a great opportunity. In usually, the Cydia app installer means the certain jailbreak tool which stands to break whatever iOS version. It is Checkra1n as the latest release from hackers for iOS 13.2.3 and previous versions. Thus, there is no any method to jailbreak iOS 13.2 and later ones at this instant. If you are with a jailbroken device, check out these tweaks and make sure you do not miss them at all. Here we go.

Cydia app installer with new jailbreak apps

Juice Beta

Juice Beta is a jailbreak app that is in its beta stage which will support you to boundless customizations on your device battery indicator.


This is another great tweak with customizations for jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


This can change the Status bar background of your iPhone X and make it dark gray


Using HideStatusBarletmsPro, you can virtually hide whatever on your Status Bar

Light Keys

This will force your keyboard’s light appearance


If the Play Next pop-up annoys you, you can use MusicQueueBeGone to replace a haptic feedback


Pastel is one of the interesting Cydia Tweaks and that lets you to color notification icons on your iPhone


This can offer you interesting Now Playing interfaces for those devices running iOS 13 for their Lock screen

ECG Enabler

This will allow entering ECG function for those unsupported regions through their Apple watch series 4+


NoContactBanners tweak can hide the Update contact photo banner in iMessages if it bothers you on your device running iOS 13

Cydia app installer latest version

As we simply note from the very beginning, it is Checkra1n tool from a group of jailbreak developers including Luca Todesco for users with devices running iOS 13 to iOS 13.2.3. Those who are already with compatible versions can enjoy their journey counting the all-new tool and then Cydia tweaks and features. The list that we created above only has a few tweaks. But there is a heap of new releases and tweaks to cover every single request and hope of jailbroken users. If you feel if there is a certain feature on your normal iDevice, a tweak will surely set you free if you find out a tweak to fulfill your demand.

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