Best Cydia sources for iOS 13

We are going to unfold and interesting topic for our jailbreak readers. If your iDevice running iOS 13 and jailbroken, here is the best Cydia sources that you must follow. They offer you amazing and advanced jailbreak apps to customize the device and even enhance its possibilities. If you still could not jailbreak iOS 13, you have Checkra1n as the best ever release of jailbreakers that even supports all recommended 64-bit devices running iOS 13 – iOS 13.4.1. It is a semi-untethered tool.

The Checkm8 exploit that exposed a few months back is the exploit behind the Checkra1n project. It is the vast reason behind its compatibility on many iOS versions as a hardware based exploit. Our list of sources and repositories should never keep far when you turn into jailbroken as they are the trick behind powerful devices.

best cydia sources

How to add a repo on your device?

This is for both newbies and experts who forgotten how to arrange repos on their devices. Follow these few steps to add them accurately.

  • First of all, make sure that your device is jailbroken. If not, Jailbreak it using Checkra1n and keep on  
  • Launch the Cydia app with a tap on its icon on your Home screen
  • And then select Edit option from the top of the interface
  • Select Add option and continue
  • Copy and paste the certain URL of the Cydia source that you wish to add. You can find out the source you want from the list that we will unfold below
  • And finally, select Add Source option
  • The source that you suggested will be there as an added source. So you can find out tweaks that you wish to have on your device as new features

Best Cydia sources and repositories

Wrapping up

If you are with Sileo and wish to arrange Cydia features on it, yes you can for it is the only true alternative to Cydia. But jailbreak permission is the most significant thing. As Checkra1n supports up to iOS 13.4.1, you can bring Cydia on its compatible devices running 13.4.1 either. Although there are third-party apps similar to Cydia, you cannot use the above sources to bring tweaks. Moreover, if you are trying to jailbreak your iPhone, check its compatibility first. Note these too if you have a list with some other top Cydia sources on your list.

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