Best Cydia tweaks iOS 9.3.3

iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak released a couple of years back by well-known Pangu. There were both computer-based and direct Pangu app to jailbreak iOS 9.3.3. Those non-jailbreak users who remain with 9.3.3 can use Pangu tools and become jailbroken. We brought you a list of best Cydia tweaks iOS 9.3.3. there is no doubt that this will contain tweaks that you were looking for since far.

best cydia tweaks ios 9.3.3

The list of best Cydia tweaks iOS 9.3.3


Activator is our first jailbreak app suggestion. You can go through amazing gestures when you are with Activator. You can arrange those gestures to accomplish any task once you get to know them properly.

Auxo 3

Auxo 3 is a popular app among Cydia Tweaks since iOS 7.0. And now, it is with iOS 9.3.3 as well. The Control Center and App Switcher interfaces will be there at the same place. The unique and special “Kill all” feature will be there standing for all the apps there. There is an instant method to multitask and a function call Hot Corners that made it an outstanding application.

Apex 2

This is a great app that helps you to collect similar apps into a group. So you do not have to worry about having so many apps on your Home screen. Just arrange them into separate groups and keep your Home screen clean and tidy.


CallBar is our next suggestion and that too stands for a remarkable feature. Of course, it is about a bar that will display when you receive a call without bothering your current work. If you were playing a game or in a chat, the call will simply display on a bar to answer or to reject.


Animate app icons on the Home screen as well as one of the interesting apps for jailbreakers. If you are with a jailbroken device running iOS 9.3.3, try out the Barrel tool.

Eclipse 3

Nowadays we talk about dark mode on app interfaces as well. Behind them all, Eclipse 3 was a Cydia tweak that can bring into play dark mode for you. Using the tweak, you are capable to apply dark mode on whatever iOS app even the usual frame of the app does not let you.


Though we did not note iFile on the top of this list, this is another remarkable tweak that you must have as a jailbreak user. Just use it as a file browser which contains features like delete, modify or add files from your iDevice by going in. 

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