How to fix app specific password apple?

Provision.cpp:150 is a common error and that many users searching since far. It is a Cydia Impactor related error and that happens to ask you to use an app specific password. It is not complicated to create. You can easily turn to the applied section of Apple can generate your password. So it will help you to move through the operation. So this is how to create app specific password apple. Once you face the error 150, this will help you to resolve the trouble. Here we go.

app specific password apple

Cydia Impactor errors

There is a long list of Cydia errors that we have to often face. But each and every single error can resolve. If you are ready to sideload an IPA file using Impactor, you will go through some of them. But do not worry for there are several methods that you can easily get rid from any issue and accomplish your task.

There are so many advanced applications such as Whatsapp++, Snapchat++ and so on that can only bring on your iPhone or id using Cydia Impactor. No need to stuck with those typical Apple app store apps when you have such a huge chance. Simply let impactor to enhance your device possibilities with those apps. We call sideload the special operation of Cydia Impactor that can easily use when you wish to bring such an advanced application on your iDevice. You need an IPA file there that even used by jailbreak users to load their jailbreak apps.

Create app specific password apple

Important: This is how to fix “provision.cpp:150” error.

Step guide

  • First of all, go to your computer and search
  • Log into the account using your Apple ID
  • Simply go through the list and find out Security panel
  • Select the Edit button and move
  • You have to find out “App-specific passwords” panel and select Generate Password
  • Type whatever name as the password and click create to generate it right away
  • And the copy the respective password and that you have been created
  • So you can use this new password at the respective Cydia Impactor field

From now, onwards, you will not face the provision.cpp:150 issue any longer. If there is any other issue, simply search the web for the solution and easily go through. Cydia Impactor is the best way to bring advanced applications on your iDevice when you are not a jailbreak user.

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