Apple TV 4 Jailbreak on tvOS 10.1 will be available soon

iOS 10 jailbreak is already finished thanks to the developer Luca Todesco. Currently, it is on the seventh beta but it is almost ready to release for the jailbreak community. Since the jailbreak exploits reveal by the Ian Beer on Google’s Project Zero, most of the iOS hackers and jailbreak developers did experiments using those exploits. Luca Todesco is not the only one who used these root exploits for successful jailbreak. Here we’re trying to give you a useful of Apple TV 4 jailbreak.

Apple TV 4 Jailbreak

Other developers, including Apple TV developers such as nitroTV and Jonathan Levin, have grabbed those information to create a new jailbreak for Apple TV. Finally, both of them have noticed that Apple TV 4 jailbreak on tvOS 10.1 – 10.0 is almost finished and download will come soon.

Get ready to Download Apple TV 4 Jailbreak

According to the Jonathan Levin, the latest version of Apple TV is finally done. Also, he has mentioned that “details download coming soon”. In here, we can understand that Levin has successfully done tvOS 10.1 jailbreak and other details will publish in soon. Probably, this could be a happy news for the iDevice users who loves jailbreak and Cydia install.

jonathan levin Apple TV 4 jailbreak

At the moment, we are unable to say what Apple TV 4 jailbreak looks like. If you Apple TV users have already jailbroken tvOS 9.0 – 9.0.1 using Pangu jailbreak, this upcoming one will be the same. But there’s an issue with Apple TV users that only tvOS 10.1 and lower versions are supported with this jailbreak. Apple has closed the signing window for tvOS 10.1 so, the latest version of tvOS cannot be downgraded. If you’re using tvOS 10.1.1 or tvOS 10.2 beta, you just have to wait until a new jailbreak arrives.

Will Apple TV 4 Jailbreak release soon?

Jonathan Levin has already confirmed that, but he is the only person who knows it well. Also, his tweet says that he is searching for a new Apple TV 4 on tvOS 10.1 just because it has been botched. After making the jailbreak well which means ready for the public use, he will definitely release Apple TV 4 jailbreak to the loving users.

Seems like iOS jailbreak, tvOS jailbreak let you install thousands of third-party applications on your device. However, tvOS jailbreak community has no more members like iOS 10 jailbreak but this like a treasure for them. We think hopefully you will enjoy the Cydia download on Apple TV after the official release.


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