How to add an email account to iPhone?

Do you want to add an email account to iPhone? Is it complicated? Not at all. There are two main methods that we can easily arrange our email. For several conditions, we have to choose whether we are should set up it manually or automatically. If you fulfill the conditions of whatever method, you can set up the email address in your Mail App. So let’s see how to add an email account to the iPhone?

add an email account to iphone

Arrange the email automatically

The automatic method of add the email can only use if you are a user of any email provider such as Google, iCloud or Yahoo. Just make sure whether you are with one of them. For that, you have to use your email address and its password.

  • Firstly, open your Settings app
  • And then go to Passwords and Accounts
  • Select Add Account option
  • After that select your email provider accurately
  • Now, type the email address that you wish to add and its password respectively
  • Select Next option and remain till the verification of your email to end
  • And then select details from your email accurately such as Calendars or Contacts
  • Enter the save button and end the process

Note: Unfortunately, some of you may not see their email provider. But it does not mean you cannot add your email there. You can simply go through the manual method for further.

Add the email manually

Know settings of your email address is important when you are ready to go through the manual method. Those who do not sure about settings can connect their email provider and prepare them.

  • Open your Settings app of the device
  • Navigate to Passwords and Accounts section
  • And then select Add account > other options respectively
  • Now you have to select Add Mail Account option
  • After that, enter details related to your email address such as name, email address, password
  • And then arrange a description related to the account
  • Select Next key and continue
  • So the email will find out its settings and arrange everything
  • Once settings will complete, select Done and end the process

How to enter settings manually?

Sometimes the Mail may not be able to find out its settings. But you can enter them manually and complete the process.

  • Firstly, you can pick up POP or IMAP as your new account. Contact your email provider and make sure which is the one that you have to select
  • And then, enter each detail for Outgoing Mail Server and Incoming Mail Server
  • Select Next and continue
  • In the end, you can select Save and end the process

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